Netmail E-mail Archiving

Hosted Archive Features

  • Ability to quickly archive GroupWise and Exchange mail, attachments, and other electronic records
  • Policy-based e-mail archiving
  • Quick and easy eDiscovery capabilities and functionality
  • Transparent end-user access to archived e-mail through web access or email clients
  • Allows for simultaneous searches across multiple data locations
  • Allows companies to comply with regulatory laws
  • 100% E-mail retention
  • Ability to control access to archive database
  • Direct network and web-based access to archive database

The management of user e-mail can seem insurmountable at times. Many users now use their e-mail as a file system that can be critical to doing their day-to-day job. For network administrators, this can make routine maintenance challenging. And for HR administrators, this can make responding to an eDiscovery request nearly impossible. With well thought out e-mail policy and an archive to enforce that policy, both management and litigation requests can be eased. Netmail archive allows you to determine how much e-mail is kept, where it is kept and the ability to search the archive quickly.

Users will experience a seamless integration with options for access to archived items via their client or web access. The gridlock between how users need to use e-mail and how administrators would like them to use their e-mail is now solved. Hosted archiving gives you the robust tools and infrastructure needed to support your mail system without the overhead. Options for scalability are ideal giving you the option to archive everyone or just the users that require it which ultimately, saves you money.

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